Church Leadership

Rev. Marcus Campbell

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Rev. Marcus Campbell has been involved in pastoral ministry since 1989 and has served our church since 1994. Marcus is married to Debbie Roten Campbell of West Jefferson, N.C. They met at Wingate College and were married in 1981. Marcus graduated from Wingate College in 1981 with
B. A. Degree in Human Services where he developed a background in counseling. Marcus also attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N. C. and graduated in 1991 with a Master of Divinity Degree. Marcus and Debbie have two daughters, Kristen and Kelsey, and a grandson, Emerson.

Marcus grew up in the Sandhills region of N.C. and was saved at the age of twelve while attending an evangelistic crusade with his grandparents. His life was forever changed.

Marcus is a conservative evangelical Christian. His theological views are best summarized in the current Baptist Faith and Message Statement. You can read this document by clicking the link. This church also endorses the document as their Statement of Faith.

Marcus feels a lifelong call to the work of a pastor. Marcus’ passion is making disciples of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through loving leadership, biblical preaching, small group encounters, and one on one discipleship sessions. Marcus believes that through loving service, Christians can become a bridge to Jesus, transforming culture, and ushering in the Kingdom of God.

Marcus loves to play the guitar in the church praise band and attend Americana Roots Music Festivals when he has opportunity.

Marcus is desiring that God would send a great spiritual awakening in our city and in our country. We are praying together that we would see a mighty movement of God in our time.